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We also offer to give a city tour of Melbourne City that helps people to get to know more about the city. This is our special service and tourists who have just arrived in the city feel at ease knowing they won’t have to make some special effort in finding their place in the city.

Coming to a large city like Melbourne can feel very intimidating for someone especially one who is a foreigner or comes from a very small town. The high traffic, dense areas are tough to navigate, and although the distances are short the travel time is quite long due to high traffic. By offering a city tour we make sure that the people become one with the city and know its ins and outs which is very beneficial to the traveller. If you have multiple places to go to in a day and having to search for taxis each time to make a stop is burdensome, then you can avail city tour service and the taxi driver will wait for you at the designated place.

You need not worry as all our drivers are certified with excellent records and are very cooperative with regard to every need you might have relating to travel or taxis in Melbourne. Our drivers are well experienced and always ready to take you anywhere within Melbourne at any time and any day. Our cars are always maintained in top-notch customers to ensure ride quality of customers and efficiency of vehicles because in a taxi service, the taxis in the city are a representative front of our business and we have a long and prestigious history to uphold.

When opting for a city tour the driver will showcase you the major landmarks of the city as the important buildings, stations, and other key points which are essential when staying in a city for some time. Or the driver can also show the most beautiful sights we have in the city which are major attractions for tourists in the city. All this is done in the most pleasant way a person can have while visiting another city, the drivers being quite knowledgeable about the city will make you feel as if you had been living in the city for years while ensuring to avoid the densest areas where traffic jams are bound to happen unless the passenger requests to do so.

Normally a city tour in Melbourne would have been expensive and cumbersome to arrange, but now 13 Silver Taxi has solved the problem by offering organised city tours to any to wish to have such an experience whether a local or a foreigner at very affordable prices and unbeatable quality of service. To avail of the service simply fill out the given form or contact us at the listed phone number or email and we will be more than happy to answer you.

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