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Maxi Taxi Service Melbourne for Group Travel

5-11 People Seating Capacity

13 Silver Taxi also offers maxi taxi service Melbourne, Australia for clients who maxi-taxi-service-melbournerequire a seating capacity of up to 11 people in a single-vehicle. The most suited use of the maxi van is for family trips, needing to transport very large articles like a couch, table, etc.

Maxi Van Taxi is a commercial vehicle and is not designed to offer luxurious features. When looking for a taxi you can contact us and tell us that for which purpose you will need the maxi van for, such as organising transport for people or carrying gigantic articles. When you opt for Parcel Delivery and we find that your parcel is too large to be delivered by a regular taxi, the package will be delivered by a maxi van without any delay.

Although not much comfortable to ride, the maxi van offers an abundance of space and safety features. It is designed to carry heavy loads and not for a ride like you would get in a standard or silver taxi.

We at 13 SIlver Taxi offer the best service you can get when you are opting for a Maxi Taxi Service Melbourne. Tourists coming in large groups with luggage find maxi taxis quite useful as more than often than not they are travelling in groups and prefer to stay in groups to maximize enjoyment while on vacation. A maxi van can easily seat 11 adults without any congestion, and if the number of people seated are less, the remaining space can be used for fitting their luggage.

The vehicles are kept in immaculate condition to ensure that the vehicle is in the best possible condition for your comfort. We conduct periodic and thorough maintenance of our vehicles as per the schedule given by the vehicle manufacturer. The drivers that are employed are specially trained to drive larger vehicles and are completely dependable and reliable. The drivers first have to pass through a series of driving tests and challenges before they are hired. This helps us select the best drivers we can because we at 13 Silver Taxi Airport believe in giving our customers the best taxi service in Melbourne.

We prefer to accept all our maxi van taxi bookings in ultimate secrecy and the past few years we have emerged as leading providers of maxi vans to various multiple corporation organizations in Melbourne because of our excellent service and unbeatable prices.

We have led the market in providing the cheapest maxi van services at the cheapest prices. Some years ago it was not only difficult but also expensive to arrange a Maxi Taxi Service Melbourne. We have since changed the scene by offering the cheapest Maxi Van Taxis in Melbourne and at the same time not sacrificing on quality service.

To book a maxi van taxi submit the form on our website and if you have any queries contact us at the listed contact number or send us an email and we will be happy to serve you.

Due to our reliability, we prefer to take all our maxi van reservation in strict-secrecy. We have introduced multiple corporate organizations in the last few years as their leading chauffeur drive maxi taxi provider

Our Maxi Van and highly trained cab driver introduce themselves in a professional manner ideally suited in corporate outfits. We would be highly appreciate to inform you that our cab drivers deliver a comprehensive driving skill test just before they are been recruited. It assures that your traveling will be carried out in a streamline routes and will be ended up in a less time.